Battlefield 1 Maps and Game Modes Announced

The Battlefield 1 release date is fast approaching. EA and DICE and have been continuously feeding us with information about the upcoming release. A few days ago, the PC system specs were released. The specs are on the higher end of the market to say the least. The new maps have now been announced along with the game modes that will be playable. EA may add more maps at a later date, we can expect to see some DLC later, but for now here’s what we know.

The Maps:

Ballroom Blitz: Set in a huge French chateau. Once lived in by German officers which have now been driven back. We can expect to see tanks and flamethrowers to make an appearance on this map.

Fao Fortress: Sieging the Ottoman fortress of Fao, players will fight through marshlands and dunes, over bridges and shallow coves. In the Rush mode the fortress will be the final strong hold to conquer.

Argonne Forest: An intense close combat map set deep in the forest. Camouflage machine gun nests and traps will be hard to avoid. Expect sub-machine guns and plenty of bayonets.

Suez: One of the most opposed strategic objectives in World War I, The Suez Canal. Fighting on the banks of the canal and the deserts beyond, players will be fighting with mortars, snipers and more.

Sinai Desert: The Beta map; most players have had the opportunity to fight on this map. Boasting tanks, horses, planes, and trains, the Sinai Desert offers everything, from close quarters to long distance sniping.

The St. Quentin Scar: One of the final battles on the already scarred battlefields of northern France. The German army attempts to break through British lines. Defending in the trenches or launching the assault, players will either succumb to the Germans or be pushed back by the Allies.

Monte Grappa: Set in the peaks of the Venetian Alps, high above the clouds, the desperate fight for control of the mountain forts are a challenge for even the toughest soldier. Fort cannons can be used to halt intruders as they scale the mountain side.

Amiens: The Majestic French city of Amiens is under attack by the German offense. Fighting will be close combat, as the Germans desperately seek to control the depths of the city.

Empires Edge: The fortified Adriatic coast becomes a brutal battleground. Defenders will be up against dreadnought battleships as they carve away the shore line. Once a beautiful Mediterranean village, now transformed by mechanized war.

Giant’s Shadow: Join the cold Battle of Selle in the fall of 1918. An open battlefield where marksman will pick off enemies, a crashed airship casts its shadow onto the battlefield. The allied forces now puncturing the Hindenburg line, are in on the warpath towards a railway center. Both infantry and tank engagements will take place on the battlefield.


The Game Modes:

Conquest: The battlefield standard, scaling up to 64 players; tanks and infantry will fight to secure key objectives. Conquest is an all-out war to get as many points as possible.

Domination: Offering fast-paced infantry focused combat in close quarter locations, if you like guns and bayonets this is the game mode for you.

Operations: Based on real battles of World War I, Operations offers epic journeys across several maps. The game mode will focus on teamplay and frontline combat.

Rush: Defending or attacking, Telegraph posts are the objectives. Securing these objectives will win you the game. Defenders will need to push back attackers from destroying the Telegraph posts.

War Pigeons: Similar to Capture the Flag, players will need to carry messenger pigeons from one side of the map to another, to deliver messages to allied or axis forces. Once a message is sent, an artillery barrage will strike the enemy.

Team Deathmatch: Possibly the most common game mode for first person shooters. The objective is to get as many kills as you can before the time runs out, or before the score limit is reached.

Which game mode and map do you think you’ll be playing the most? Let us know by leaving a comment or by getting in touch on Facebook. We’ll be looking forward to playing the Giant’s Shadow map. We’ll be keeping you up-to-date on all things Battlefield so be sure to keep tabs on our Gaming Page.

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