Battlefield 1 Open Beta ending Thursday

The Battlefield 1 Open Beta have been live since August 31st. EA has announced that the Open Beta will be coming to an end on September 8th. However, we don’t have to wait long as the game is due to be released October 21st. The majority of players will be sad to see the Beta end. The Beta includes two game types and only one map. An additional map would have been a great bonus for the Beta, as the Sinai Desert map only offered a minor amount of close combat gameplay. The map is extremely open which is a snipers dream however, the sniper weaponry choice was very limited and didn’t include any long-range scopes.

The Beta received an update which removed the game timer for conquest game type. The only way the game can end is by reaching the score limit on either team. The Beta didn’t launch smoothly as the EA servers were extremely volatile. Most players couldn’t connect to the servers for quite some time. Those that persisted eventually got into a game.

We won’t be writing a full review of the Beta as we’ll be waiting until the finished game is released. However, there are some talking points about the Beta. One of them being the graphics. The entire Battlefield game series is renowned for having fantastic graphics. The Battlefield 1 Beta has stayed true to that, the graphics are beautiful. The weaponry available in the Beta, while limiting, looks and sounds amazing. This is exactly what players were expecting, anything less would be a huge disappointment to Battlefield Fans.

EA have not yet announced exactly when the Beta will be closing on September 8th, so make sure you play as much as possible. EA are offering a Battlefield 1 Open Beta dog tag to players who reach rank 15 and play on four different days. The set release date of October 21st is across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Let us know if you have been playing the Beta and what you think of it, and also if you playing the Beta has persuaded to buy the full game.

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