Battlefield 1 Open Beta live

Battlefield 1, the latest addition to the Battlefield gaming series, is now free to download for the duration of the open beta. The release date is set for 21st October 2016, so expect to see a full game review around this time. The open beta began on 31st August; however, a select bunch of gamers who signed up for 24hr early access have received codes to download and play the game before the open beta begins. It’s currently available to all players on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Fortunately, the download is only around 6.1GB, which shouldn’t take too long to download and install.  Xbox One players will need an Xbox Live Gold membership to download and play the beta, while there are currently no restrictions for PS4 and PC. Players can play a couple of different game modes, including Rush and Conquest, on the new Sinai Desert map, which is supposedly the biggest conquest stage of all time.

Battlefield 1, developed by DICE and published by EA, is set during World War 1, which means we’ll be restricted to the technology available in this era. In the trailers, horseback riding was shown several times which got several people thinking; how is a horse going to fare against a tank or normal gun fire? The lead world designer, Daniel Berlin, said, “You can take a horse to a tank fight” but what would make you want to do that? Surely you’d be gunned down and put on a respawn timer in no time. While tanks can and probably will seem fairly scary when playing, remember that, World War I saw the introduction of tanks and they were notorious for being unreliable and hard to control.

Flying will, of course, be in the game and has been a common feature in all recent Battlefield games. Expect dog fights and getting bombarded by anti-air artillery. Skilled pilots will be able to shake off attackers and anti-aircraft weapons by flying low through and around obstacles, such as canyons and buildings. Some players are currently experiencing difficulties with the client and game disconnecting players mid-way through games. As this is the first day the open beta is live, these bugs will most likely be ironed out after a couple of days. The beta is expected to be playable until September 8th. The more people play the game; the more feedback the developers will receive to make the game 100% upon its release.

We can’t wait to play the beta and the full game. Remember to check Daily Spawn around the time of release for a full review. If you’ve played the beta, let us know if you’re enjoying it and whether you’re planning to buy the game.

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