Civilization 6 release dates and gameplay

Pre-order and release dates

The new addition to the Civilization game series was announced earlier in 2016. Since then gameplay, screenshots and concept arts have been released. The game is set to release on 21st October of this year, it’s currently available for pre-purchase through steam and the civilization website. We’re expecting to see additional downloadable content throughout 2017, similar to that of ‘Gods and Kings’ DLC for Civ V.

Gameplay and graphics

Civ VI’s graphics and concept art have received mixed opinions as it seems almost ‘cartoony’ and a lot more simple, especially in comparison to the art work and graphics of Civ V. However most people seem to have warmed to the new style of art and graphics.

The gameplay of the newly announced game appears smoother and polished. There’s more and more videos popping up on YouTube of game play. Lewis and Duncan of the Yogscast were given a chance to play the new game and post the footage to their YouTube channel. The video is embedded below so feel free to give it a watch and let us know your thoughts!

A few key changes between Civ V and Civ VI are below:

  • New game engine with supports for a day/night cycle.
  • Cities now span multiple tiles, called “districts”. Wonders are built in the same way, one tiles rather than in the city.
  • Workers have been replaced with builders and now complete their work instantly but only have limited uses.
  • Civics are researched in a civic tree parallel to the traditional scientific tech tree. Progress though this tree is made though Culture instead of Science.
  • Governments have been added, governments can be customised by mixing and matching policy cards, unlocked through the Civic trees

Firstlook England

As if barbarians weren’t already annoying enough, they’ve become organised by sending out scouts to do recon and plan assaults on settlements. Civ VI will have some of the same leaders from Civ V including England, China, American and Egyptian. Each leader has their unique units, buildings or abilities including their own personalities. You can read the full details and all the new features, screenshots and videos on the civilization wiki.


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