Team EnVyUs wins CoD World championship 2016

Call of Duty world League brought many upsets and drama to the table. As some of the biggest CoD teams got sent home packing early. Favorites to win such as Optic Gaming and Faze Clan were left shocked as they both finished outside the top 6. This is not the first time Optic Gaming have had a disappointing run in the world champs. The previous year they were also the favorites to win but couldn’t make it in the top 6. However some teams brought smiles and upsets with two EU teams making it to the top 4. FAB Games came out of there group unbeaten, but later got beat by EnVyUs in the winners bracket and then had to go play in the losers bracket. Spylce however, were the gem of the tournament. It’s not the first time Splyce have knocked NA’s best teams out of competitions. At ESWC in Paris earlier in the year, they knocked Faze and Rise Nation out of the event. They did the exact same thing this event, they beat beat both Faze and Rise in the losers bracket.

There was only one team in this event that played strongly, with consistency and had amazing teamwork from the start. Team EnVyUs won this event and they thoroughly deserved to win. The only team in the event not to drop a series and it’s not as if they didn’t play the best teams from around the world.  They beat Team eLevate in the winner’s brackets finals, and after Splyce defeated eLevate in the loser’s bracket finals,  it was EnVyUs versus Splyce in the grand final. The final was set for EnVyUs to win in, if splyce wanted to win they’d have to beat EnVyUs in two best of 5 series. No easy feat considering EnVy hadn’t dropped a series the whole event.


However it was Splyce who got off to a winning start by beating EnVy in hardpoint (250-196) but EnVyUs came back fighting and took the Search and destroy by storm(6-2), at everything tied up the next game mode uplink would bring a spectacular game of who wanted it more. The game was close but luckily for EnVy they showed determination and got a last 20 dunk to win them the game(13-10). Finally Team EnVyUs were on match point, win capture the flag and the title is theirs, both teams came out strong but EnVy were just to strong(4-2).

Team EnVyUs were crowned your Call of Duty World champions. The roster of Apathy, John, Slasher and the captain Jkap collect their big money prize and their championship rings. Jkap is now the 2nd player to receive two championship rings joining Optic Karma in the elite list. Do you think Team EnVyUs deserved to win? Who would you have like to win? Let us know in the comments. We will be covering more Call of Duty news on our eSports page to keep you up to date.

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