Daily Spawn is going to Insomnia58 and League Fest

Insomnia Gaming Festival, or i58 is the UK’s largest gaming convention. A limited amount of tickets are still available to purchase from the Insomnia website. Former LCS pros are due to attend the festival at the weekend. YouTubers such as The Yogscast, Syndicate, and Hat Films will also be there, meeting, signing, and playing games. The full line up of Special Guests can be seen here!

As well as the normal exhibitions, League Fest will also be taking place at Insomnia58. Streamers and YouTubers like the ever-popular ‘Sp4zie’ will be attending and meeting guests. League Fest will also be host a cosplay competition. The League Fest cosplay competition is the premier event for cosplayers who would like to challenge themselves. Prizes will be available to win for those who have shown the following: resemblance to the original, quality of craftsmanship, technical choices, presentation and finishing touches. All of this will be on the main stages from 15:00 – 16:00. There will also be a match between Team Arcade and Team Project. Team Arcade will consist of Kev1n, Theoddone, Larssen, Joekerism, and Lemonnation. Team Project will be made up of Maplestreet, Rhuckz, Dyrus, Caelan, and Voyboy. Everyday the two teams will compete three challenges each day of the festival, including regular games, special challenge modes, and themed Summoner’s Rift games. Visitors can see these two teams go head to head each game and battle it out for first place!

Daily Spawn will be attending Insomnia 58, we’ll be trying to cover everything we can get round to, so expect to see a new article in our gaming section! We’ll be creating a gallery of pictures that we’ve taken at the event and publishing them on the website. If you’re attending the event, please let us know what you thought of it by commenting on the article! We’re looking forward to the event and hope every else does.



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