Insomnia 58 and League Fest with Daily Spawn

Insomnia 58 kicked off with the opening ceremony, an introduction to what we can see at the convention. The event quickly got under way and the crowds began to build. Guests were scheduled to arrive and begin their meet and greets shortly. Part of the Yogscast and Hat Films were there early, chatting to people for a while and signing merchandise. Lewis, Duncan, Sjin, Kim and Turps also hosted a ‘Battlegrounds’ event where they went head to head in the latest Team17 release, Worms W.M.D. There were many more guests and VIPs including Magikarpusedfly, Syndicate, 8BitGaming and Sp4zie. Sp4zie was around the Roccat booth meeting fans and signing merch. SivHD was also spotted around the event however, was not at the main meet and greets. After the Pro-Am Tournament was finished on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the teams were meeting fans at the meet and greet section at League Fest.

Insomnia had its own robot fighting arena, you can see teams fighting and repairing their robots. From recently resurrected UK BBC TV show Robot Wars, the house robots, ‘Matilda’, ‘Shunt’ and ‘Dead Metal’ made an appearance. There were plenty of gaming and PC companies around displaying custom built water cooled PCs. Most booths were advertising and selling merchandise and PC components. Around insomnia there were many stands set up for playing games, Virtual Reality stands were set up to be played by guests. It was visible that a lot of people were blown away by the concept of VR especially when experiencing it first hand. We will have an article up on our Gaming section about the possibilities of Virtual Reality eSports.

The Pro-Am tournament was a big part of the weekend for the League Fest attenders. Team Project and Team Arcade went head to head on Summons’s Rift and Howling Abyss. Both teams won points in the different game types. Former TSM top laner Dyrus, became a force to be reckoned with in the 5v5 matches on Summoner’s Rift. Mid Laner Larssen was arguably the MVP in the two games he chose Ryze after securing the two wins for Team Arcade. The final results of the Pro-Am tournament saw Team Project take the win and the £10,000 prize.

League Fest featured one game per day of Riot Vs Community where Riot staff picked members from the crowd depended on their skill level and role preference. Riot took the win on the Friday game but later lost both Saturday’s and Sunday’s game. The cosplay competition was hosted on Saturday afternoon with over 40 people taking part. The judge’s panel was comprised of 5 judges, including Kenny Cosplay and Shappi Workshop. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were up for grabs as well categories for best prop, wig, and accuracy. The full stream of this event is available at the League Fest channel. The female Poppy cosplay won first place with a price of £1,250.

Let us know if you attended Insomnia or League Fest by leaving us a comment. We’ll also be attending Insomnia 59 this winter and hope you do too!

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