Cloud9 secure their place at the 2016 Worlds

With just one seed remaining for Worlds in the NA LCS, Cloud9 have managed to secure victory in the NA Regional Qualifier over Immortals. Immortals were conquered three games to one in the Qualifier. Both teams had left fans with uncertainty over their performance, however, Cloud9 managed to silence those who doubted them last night.

2016’s Spring and Summer split brought new challenges for Cloud9, as longtime shotcaller Hai, left the team. Their new head coach Reaper built a new roster with a cooperative shotcalling approach. Immortals, on the other hand, dominated the Spring Split with a 94% win rate. Unfortunately, despite their dominance in the Spring Split Immortals were beat by newly reformed TSM. Immortals had the most impressive Spring Split stats, but unfortunately failed to perform as well in the Summer Split.

The first match between Immortals and Cloud9 saw no note-worthy action until around the sixteen-minute mark near the dragon pit, which swung in their favour. Cloud9 also managed to secure the next dragon as Immortals also made the dash for the Infernal dragon. They overcame Immortals in game one and also carried the momentum into game two. Cloud9 beat Immortals again, leaving the score at 2-0 to Could9 in the best of five Gauntlet, Immortals were on the back foot and struggling to put up enough resistance against Could9.

Game three saw an interesting pick of Yasou for Immortals top laner, Huni. Huni performed well against Cloud9’s Impact as they traded blows. However, Huni needed more support from jungler, Reignover, which allowed Meteos to apply pressure elsewhere on the map. In a pre-game interview with Reignover said: “We live and die by Huni”. Huni wasn’t necessarily a liability to his team, his performance was good throughout the series. However, the Immortals’ cadence seems to be obviously based around the top lane.

Immortals gained victory in the third game, giving the team hope, they pressed into game four. Huni picked Yasou again which wasn’t a bad pick, but Huni didn’t manage to put enough pressure on the top lane. Allowing the rest of Could9 to make advances elsewhere on the map, Immortals lost the fourth game. The final score stands as 3 games to Cloud9 and only 1 to Immortals.
Cloud9 are the final team from NA LCS to secure a place at Worlds. You can view our full article on who’s going to Worlds on our eSports page. Including all teams, regions, and groups/pools. Let us know what you thought about the Immortals Vs Cloud9 games, who did you want to win, and why?

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