Natural disasters coming to Cities: Skylines

Last week, Paradox Interactive announced the new expansion pack titled Natural Disasters. The expansion is scheduled to arrive this winter, bringing meteor strikes, huge fires, and much more destruction to your cities. As well as the paid expansion, there will be a ‘free to all players’ update with scenarios editor, which will allow players to create their own scenarios and share them with others through steam workshop where modders have already shared over 90,000 items including maps, models, buildings and many other assets.

When a disaster is coming, you will be notified by the new in game radio system. This will give you time to evacuate your citizens and prepare all safety units. Fire stations, hospitals and police will now have helicopters, which can make extinguishing a fire much easier when the roads are destroyed and rescue services can’t gain access to the area. To help in the times of emergency, a new service called disaster response unit will be added into the game. The price for the expansion has not been revealed yet, however the previous expansions had prices of £10.99 and £9.99 so our guess would be around the similar price range. The Paradox developers put together a live-stream talking about Natural Disasters features, thankfully they’ve published it as a video, available here!
Art Deco

Furthermore, Paradox Interactive have even more news, yesterday, they announced a new DLC pack created by one of the workshop contributors, the buildings in the pack were designed by Matt Crux, also known as “Shroomblaze” on the Cities: Skylines steam workshop. The official name of the DLC pack is: The Content Creator Pack: Art Deco. It will include three unique buildings, six commercial buildings and six residential buildings.

The Content Creator Pack will be available next week with the price of £3.99 ($4.99) on Paradox website or through the steam platform.

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