The new eSports news and updates hub

The new eSports Hub!

At this point in time, as the website stands, there isn’t a lot of content, however, this will be the news hub of the website for all things eSports. We will eventually have separate pages for each type of eSports. This will include, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and many more, for now though, this page will host all eSports article temporarily.

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We will be aiming to write about main upcoming events and competitions while we get started, such as League of Legends World Championship Series and Counter Strike World Championships. We will also be aiming to attend a few gaming conventions and competitions. As Insomnia 58 will be taking place on 26th – 29th August we will be attending and providing updates on the experience.

The end goal for this section of the website will be, covering each and every major match/game within the whole eSports industry. We are quite some distance from this but it will happen, in the coming future. While this page is focused heavily on competitive gaming you can check out our gaming page which has the latest news on non-competitive gaming!

If you’re interested in all things eSport then make sure to check here regularly while we continue to write about the League of Legends World Championship Series!

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