Paragon open beta is now active and free to play

Paragon map blue side

What is Paragon?

Paragon is a newly released cross-platform 5v5 MOBA developed and published by Epic Games. Paragon has similar attributes to Smite, another third-person MOBA. According to John Wasilczyk, executive producer of Paragon, his team were given the chance to create just about anything. The team were given a huge about of creative freedom and set their goals on introducing action elements into the genre.

Paragon gideon steel gif

Paragon’s immersive map adds massively to the experience. Although not graphically demanding the map it’s self is on its own level in the MOBA genre. Paragon has been early access since early this year for around $20.00, players who have been playing for this time will have an advantage over newer players joining in the new open beta. Although players will have an advantage, all hero builds and guides are available on

New Narbash hero

New content and heros

Paragon currently has 21 unique playable characters with the latest addition of ‘Narbash’ and ‘The Fey’. Epic Games are working to a schedule of 3 weeks to add new heros and content. Skins are available to buy as micro transactions in-game, of course they don’t give any advantage besides looking cool. The game is not released yet so the developers are working with player’s feedback to ensure the game is balanced and bug free ready for release date.

As the game stands it’s immersive, competitive and engaging. We’re hoping to see competitive tournaments featuring paragon, it would make a great addition to the eSports world and we’d love to cover some matches and events over on our eSports page!

Open beta

Paragon was made free to play as of 16th August, we’re encouraging any PC and PS4 Plus players to download the game and share their opinion. Play early to get an advantage and make your mark on the competitive scene!

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