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Planet Coaster is a theme park construction and management simulator. Developed and designed by Frontier Developments who have worked on titles such as Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and 3, which were one of the most popular games of this genre, they also released Elite Dangerous in 2014 . Currently, Planet Coaster is in Alpha version, which is available to people who have bought the early bird version. The game’s official release date is 17th November 2016.

The simulator is all about creativity and being able to share your roller coaster, parks or anything else you have made in game via the steam workshop. The devs really want people to make anything they can imagine.

Managing your park will have you thinking about the many things you can do to make your customers happy and leave more money in your pocket. For example, placing a souvenir shop near a very popular ride will make your happy customers decide to buy more gifts, among other things and it is a good idea to place an ATM nearby as well which will make it even more likely for your guests to take some cash out and splash out on your park’s t-shirts or a gift for one of their friends.

You will also have to place enough spaces for people to sit down, go to toilet or grab something to eat. The better access to the services; the happier they will be. Each guest will have their own stats you can look into, this can help to understand issues you may have in your park. You can look at their expressions, what they like, what annoys them, how much money they have and where they’re going to spend it next.

There are many videos at Planet Coaster’s YouTube channel from their Gamescom 2016’s stream, which shows some of the game’s features. Below, see a video of the vendors in the game. They can be trained up which will allow them to take a bigger work load and serve the customers faster, happiness of your employees will have a big impact on their speed of work as well. Apart from Vendors, you can also hire janitors and mascots.

To find out more about the game’s features, see their youtube channel where you can find a lot of videos with rides, buildings and many other things. There are also saved broadcasts from Games Com streams where the devs speak about the game and what they are planning to add to it.

Planet Coaster can now be pre-purchased on Steam for £26.99 or you can pre-purchase the Thrillseeker Edition of the game which will grant you Beta Access of the game in Novemeber, which costs £29.99. Let us know if you’ll be buying the game by leaving a comment below. We’ll also be reviewing the game when It comes out, on our gaming page, so be sure to check that out.

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