Redux: GTA V Graphics and Gameplay Mod

Redux is a brand new mod, developed to primarily improve GTA V’s vanilla graphics and gameplay. The mod is for the PC version and is finally downloadable. The mod, created by Josh Romito, improves the game’s graphics, wanted system, and 4K textures, and more.

The new weather system is 100% re-written. “All weathers are mat to blend together naturally that will leave you breathless”. The new mod also boasts a new Police system that will allow 5 star military tanks, 4 star FBI, 3 star swat, and more. New weaponry and vehicles is now available to the Police, as well as improved tactical skills. This will bring a whole new difficulty of trying to out run the Police.

The mod has completely changed how vehicles will drive, including helicopters, planes, boats etc. Vehicles will now have the correct suspension and weight, as well as adjusted top speed and gear ratios. New break-force dynamics have been added along with tire friction for each surface, which will affect the drifting capabilities of cars. Vehicle crashes now react the way they should, vehicles move and collide with natural laws of gravity and reactions.


The Redux mod had implemented new random events and AI for pedestrians and police. All Pedestrians will now react much differently, with a much larger variation. Depending on the individual approach, reactions will differ. Pedestrians being chased by the police will now be in much more trouble, as we can now see up to 8 police cars with helicopters, hunting them down. The physics have also been altered so that bullet victims now react with realistic movement and reactions, reaching for the injured areas and stumbling naturally. There is many, many more features added, you can see the full feature list on the Redux website.

GTA V doesn’t officially support mods, so installing this mod is less than easy. On the Redux website however, there is a handy installation process guide, to walk you through. Or if you prefer a video instructions, you can watch this video. You’ll also need to download and install OpenIV and ScriptHookV as well as having an extra 70GB disk space available. As always, be extra vigilant when downloading mods from untrusted sources.

Will you be downloading the mod? Let us know by leaving a comment below or getting touch with us on our Facebook page. We’ll keep you up-to-date on any news regarding this mod on our gaming page.

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