Renegades bought by NBA Star

Jonas Jerebko, Boston Celtics forward, has purchased the eSports Team Renegades. Jerebko is now the owner of a Counter-Strke:Global Offensive team that participated in the Twitch broadcast, ELeague. He is now on the hunt to acquire a Call of Duty team to expand the Renegade franchise within the eSports industry. Renegades had a strong League of Legends team with which they started off the 2016 spring split in full force, but, unfortunately, failed to secure victory in the majority of their games. The team were then banned from competing within the LCS due to the organization owner comprising player welfare and safety. Some members of the team then left to continue their own paths. Renegades later sold their NA LCS seed to Team EnVyuUs.

Jerebko is not the first athlete to invest or buy an eSports team. A few other NBA stars have seen the rise in the eSports industry and decided they want in. Recent data indicates that the eSports industry is worth roughly $900 million and is still growing.

In December 2015, NBA champion Rick Fox bought the eSports team Gravity Gaming, which he promptly renamed and rebranded as ‘Echo Fox’. The team’s main focus is the League of Legends Championship Series. “As a professional athlete, businessman and proud member of the gaming community, I see the way that the eSports world is growing and I know we are on the verge of something massive” said Fox, regarding the team purchase. Shaquille O’Neal, a retired NBA star, also invested in NRG eSports, in March. NRG have competed in the League of Legends Championship Series as well as numerous Counter-Strike competitions.

With more and more investments and team purchases within the eSports industry, players and teams will have the money and support they need to hone their skills to become to best in the world. The industry is a fast growing one and is not showing signs of stopping or slowing down. Exciting times are ahead and Daily Spawn will be there to report on them. Let us know if you think the investments and team purchases are a good or bad idea, by leaving us a comment below.

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