Worlds Group Stage Match Schedule Revealed

The group stage for Worlds 2016 were announced at the weekend. We can now see who will be playing who, read our full article on this, over on our eSports Page. Lolesports’ ‘Pick ‘em’ was also put live, giving you the chance to guess the outcome of each group. The prize for getting each one correct is redeem code for all Ultimate Skins available in League of Legends. Each group has a pair that is equally matched. The main ones being C9 & IM, as well as G2 & CLG. Group D will also be an interesting watch as Scrims, of TSM and SKT1 have been leaked of the two going head-to-head. The Scrims showed TSM taking victory, a surprisingly dominant match for the NA side.

The match schedule for the group stage has been released by lolesports. You can see the full schedule below for each group. Be aware that the times are in Los Angeles local time (Pacific Standard Time). Match times listed below are estimates pending final time to complete matches.

Thursday, September 29 – Week 1

  • Opening ceremony – 4:00PM
  • G2 Esports (G2) vs. Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) – 4:30PM
  • ROX Tigers (ROX) vs Albus Nox Luna (ANX) – 5:30PM
  • H2K (H2K) vs. ahq e-Sports Club (AHQ) – 6:30PM
  • INTZ eSports (ITZ) vs. Edward Gaming (EDG) – 7:30PM
  • Samsung Galaxy (SSG) vs. Splyce (SPY) – 8:30PM
  • TSM (TSM) vs. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) – 9:30PM

Friday, September 30

  • SKTelecom T1 (SKT) vs. Cloud9 (C9) – 4:00PM
  • Flash Wolves (FW) vs. I MAY (IM) – 5:00PM
  • TSM vs. SSG – 6:00PM
  • RNG vs. SPY – 7:00PM
  • H2K vs. ITZ – 8:00PM
  • EDG vs. AHQ – 9:00PM

Sunday, October 2

  • AHQ vs. ITZ – 4:00PM
  • EDG vs. H2K – 5:00PM
  • ANX vs. G2 – 6:00PM
  • CLG vs. ROX – 7:00PM
  • SKT vs. FW – 8:00PM
  • C9 vs. IM – 9:00PM

Thursday, October 6 – Week 2

  • G2 vs. ROX – 4:00PM
  • ANX vs. CLG – 5:00PM
  • CLG vs. G2 – 6:00PM
  • ANX vs. ROX – 7:00PM
  • G2 vs. ANX – 8:00PM
  • ROX vs. CLG – 9:00PM

Friday, October 7

  • EDG vs. ITZ 4:00PM
  • AHQ vs. H2K – 5:00PM
  • H2k vs. EDG – 6:00PM
  • ITZ vs. AHQ – 7:00PM
  • ITZ vs. H2K – 8:00PM
  • AHQ vs. EDG – 9:00PM

Saturday, October 8

  • SSG vs. TSM – 1:00PM
  • SPY vs. RNG – 2:00PM
  • TSM vs. SPY – 3:00PM
  • SSG vs. RNG – 4:00PM
  • SPY vs. SSG – 5:00PM
  • RNG vs. TSM – 6:00PM

Sunday, October 9

  • IM vs. FW – 1:00PM
  • C9 vs. SKT – 2:00PM
  • C9 vs. FW – 3:00PM
  • SKT vs. IM – 4:00PM
  • IM vs. C9 – 5:00PM
  • FW vs. SKT – 6:00PM

Any tie breakers in the group stage will be played at the end of the days in Week 2. The matches start in the afternoon (PST), fairly late for people on the other side of the globe to watch. Some people have voiced their opinions in the comment section on lolesports. However, North America were on the worst end of timing last year during worlds, so perhaps they deserve to have this tournament in their own times.

Let us know what you think of the match ups and who you think will win also let us know where you’ll be watching from and the time differences.

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