Worlds 2016 Group Stages Announced

The Group Stages for the League of Legends World Championship have been announced on the Riot Games livestream. In each group there are dominant teams from each seed as well as underdogs from Wildcard picks and Regional Qualifiers. On the Riot Games livestream player reactions from each group could be seen. Group C should be one of the most interesting match-ups to observe as each team pose a danger to each other. You can see how each team qualified for Worlds by reading here.

Group D on the other hand is ‘The Group of Death’. The best NA team, TSM will face the top teams in both Korea and China. All teams have been to previous World Championships except Splyce. This will be Splyce’s first Worlds, and in the words of the analysts, “are here to learn”. Spylce truly are the underdogs in this group. Samsung Galaxy, this time only have one team as oppose to two, Samsung Galaxy White and Blue. Samsung Galaxy White won 2014 Worlds, we’ll see if the new reformed Samsung Galaxy team can bring home victory.

The Worlds Group Stages games will begin on 29th September. All games will be streamed on the Riot Games Twitch Channel, and also on their lolesports website. Riot Games are hosting a competition for the Group Stages. Worlds Pick ‘Em is live at the lolesports website. Successfully guess which teams will prevail in the group stages are you’ll be rewarded with every Ultimate Skin available. Last year only one person managed to correctly guess each team’s fate.

See Below for the full Group Stage draws.

Group A

  • ROX Tigers
  • G2
  • CLG – Counter Logic Gaming
  • ANX Albus Nox

Group B

  • Flash Wolves
  • SKTelecom T1
  • Cloud 9
  • I May

Group C

  • INTZ e-sports
  • AHQ e-Sports Club
  • H2K Gaming
  • Edward Gaming

Group D

  • TSM
  • Splyce
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • RNG

Finally, let us know what you think about each group stage and who you think will be able to make it out of the Group Stages. Remember to go to lolesports and pick your favorites. We’ll be covering the Group Stages and the full tournament at our eSports Hub.

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